DEDON Studio


DEDON Studio operates at the intersection of three areas of DEDON expertise − innovation, creation and craftsmanship

In its role as in-house innovation lab, DEDON Design Studio explores emerging trends and investigates the latest materials and production processes. Uniquely knowledgeable about fiber, the team works closely with DEDON´s state-of-the-art fiber production facility in Northern Germany to innovate new fiber profiles, haptics and colors.

By closely collaborating with the DEDON R&D department, the studio guides new DEDON products through every stage of creation. In addition to supporting projects by independent designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Sebastian Herkner, GamFratesi and Stephen Burks, the team develops original furniture and accessories infused with DEDON´s unmistakable passion for objects.

The studio also develops fiber weaving concepts that inspire DEDON´s master weavers in Cebu, Philippines, and works closely with the Cebu team to realize these ideas and reach new heights of artistry. Lastly, DEDON Design Studio also engages with and continually expands DEDON´s worldwide network of artisans, from specialty fabric ateliers in Belgium to master ceramicists in Italy.