DEDON has teamed up with digital collective Basketclub to challenge more than 20 international designers to create woven baskets using DEDON Fiber. During April 2021, each participating Basketclub member developed a unique design inspired by the smiling ‘Sun of May’ emoji, which began as a symbol of Argentine and Uruguayan independence but today brings warm, positive vibes to text messages sent around the globe. The designs by creative minds such as Sebastian Herkner, Carole Baijings and many other are be presented on the Instagram account of Basketclub from the beginning of May 2021.

Stephen Burks   Chris Kabel   Lorenza Bozzoli   Stephen Burks

Designers Adrianus Kundert and Jamie Wolfond founded Basketclub in early 2020 as an online response from within the design community to countless cancelled exhibitions and in-person collaborations. Taking their mutual love of weaving as a starting point, the pair conceived the club as a digital platform for sharing ideas, inspiration and feedback. A different emoji serves as the ‘brief’ for each month’s project. After receiving the brief and materials, participating designer have one month to create their basket.

Sebastian Herkner
Dach & Zephir

For DEDON, the collaboration with Basketclub is a timely expression of the values that have driven the brand since the beginning. The first to combine ancient woven handicraft with cutting-edge technology and contemporary design, DEDON introduced its groundbreaking DEDON Fiber in 1990 and continues to lead the way in fiber innovation. Basketclub’s use of a virtual platform to connect artisan-designers around the world aligns perfectly with DEDON’s own collaborative origins and increasingly digital approach to design and communication.

“We love the way Basketclub harnesses the possibilities of social media and digital collaboration to keep maker traditions alive and relevant. The Basketclub designers are incredibly resourceful and talented, and the ‘Sun of May’ emoji is the perfect ‘brief’ for DEDON, considering our love for life under the open skies. We can hardly wait to see the results of this very contemporary collaboration.”

~ Chloé Sos, Marketing Director of DEDON ~

“When we launched Basketclub, it was at a challenging time for designers. The response from within the community, including from leading design brands such as DEDON, has been a great encouragement. Our intention was to create something fresh and engaging, and the ‘Sun of May’ project certainly lives up to that. DEDON Fiber is colorful and versatile, with different haptics and a certain stiff-ness that allows you to work easily on 3D objects. Our members are having a blast.”

~ Adrianus Kundert, co-founder of Basketclub ~

Sebastian Herkner
Clara von Zweigbergk
Studio Satël
Esther van Schuylenbergh
Nathalie Miebach   Rebecca Collins   Rein Reitsma   Evey Kwong be continued.

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